# Build and run Mercury Wallet

# Build

To build mercury wallet clone mercury wallet repo (opens new window).

Steps for Linux/Windows:

git clone git@github.com:commerceblock/mercury-wallet.git
cd mercury-wallet
yarn app-linux # for Linux
yarn app-windows # for Windows
yarn app-macos # for macOS

You can also use Docker to build for Linux/Windows:

docker run --rm \
    -v ${PWD}:/project \
    -v ~/.cache/electron:/root/.cache/electron \
    -v ~/.cache/electron-builder:/root/.cache/electron-builder \
    electronuserland/builder:wine \
    /bin/bash -c "yarn app-linux && yarn app-windows && ls -la dist"

This will generate wallet app in dist folder. To run: cd dist and execute .AppImage, .exe or .dmg files.